SweSRII 2018 – Växjö, 9 November

SweSRII 2018 – Växjö, 9 November 2022-06-07T15:06:36+02:00


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to SWEsrii – The 10th Swedish Congress on Internet Interventions.

The Congress will be held at the Department of Psychology at the Linnaeus University in Växjö on November 9, 2018. We have invited researchers from Sweden and all over Europe to share their knowledge and experiences on using and developing Internet-based interventions.

There is no conference fee!

The aim of our conference is to contribute to the development and dissemination of best possible psychological interventions to help people in need. Most congress delegates will be Swedes, but everyone is welcome!

The SWEsrii meetings have a long tradition of a small, focused, warm, non-hierarchical, and friendly atmosphere with lots of opportunities for valuable intellectual exchanges among the delegates.

Since this will be a low cost scientific meeting we will use our facilities at the Linnaeus University Campus (3 km from the city centre), room Weber.

Program and Practical Information

The registration is now closed. We have reached the desired number of participants. If you haven’t registered but you are interested in participating, please write to viktor.kaldo@lnu.se.

The program will cover one day (November 9). To make it possible for the majority of delegates to travel to the conference on November 9, the main program will start at 11:30 and finish at 18:00, followed by a dinner 18:00-19:30, free of charge. The participation also includes free lunch and coffee breaks.

Here you can find the meeting program, presentation abstracts, and practical information:


Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University in south-eastern Sweden is a modern university with 32,000 students. Växjö has a long tradition of education and despite its campus location the university is a natural part of the town of Växjö. Linnaeus University has close ties with the local business sector and is a major player in the development of the city.

To reach Växjö

You can reach Växjö either by flying directly to the city or by flying to Copenhagen airport Kastrup and taking a train to Växjö.

If you want to fly straight to Växjö, the airline KLM does so from the large airport hub Schiphol. There is only one flight per day, so you need to book this quickly to get a seat.

It is also easy to reach Växjö via Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) in Denmark, and then continue via train from the airport to Växjö.  It takes around two and half hours to go from the airport to Växjö. If you travel by train from Copenhangen you can find train schedule and purchase your train ticket on sj.se/en

You can also have a look at schedule of trains from Copenhagen to Växjö and back at Lanstrafikenkron.se/en

If you search you will find information in English. At the moment the schedule as a file can only be found in Swedish. Schedule of trains from Copenhagen to Växjö and back in Swedish

From Stockholm to Smålands airport Växjö

If you take a flight to Stockholm airport Arlanda (ARN), you can continue with a domestic flight to Växjö from Stockholm Bromma airport (BMR) flygbra.se

Train from Stockholm to Växjö

If you travel by train from Stockholm you can find train schedule and purchase your train ticket on this website on sj.se/en

To reach campus

Campus is located roughly 3 kilometres from the city centre. When going to the university, you can either walk along the lakes or take the bus. The pedestrian path from campus around Lake Växjösjön reaches almost all the way to the city centre and is perfect for jogging or taking long walks. Växjö campus is modeled along the lines of an American-style campus and is a natural meeting place.

Bus to campus

The best way to reach campus is to take the bus no. 3 direction “Universitetet”. Our recommendation is to buy “Visitors ticket”. Then you can travel all over Växjö city and you can choose between a ticket valid during 24 or 72 hours. The ticket can be purchased on board at bus or at Customer center at Växjö railway station. If you want to pay on the bus we suggest you use your credit card. If you pay with cash there is an extra fee. The price varies between 67 SEK-144 SEK depending if you choose 24 hours or 72 or hours and your age. This information and more you will find at Länstrafiken Kronoberg

By bike

Many hotels have a bicycle if you would prefer that. It takes about 15-20 minutes by bike from city center to Linnaeus University.

Accommodation & Weather

Växjo offers a variety nice accommodations. Recommended hotels:

  • Elite Park Hotel Växjö (average price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Cardinal (average price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)
  • Elite Stadshotellet Växjö (average price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)
  • Best Western Hotel Royal Corner (average price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)
  • Hotell Esplanad (budget price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)
  • Hotell Värend (budget price in the city centre, 3 km to the university)

Weather in Växjo

The weather in November can be variable, 0 to 10°C, sunny, cloudy or rainy. Visit the website of the Swedish Meteorological Institute for updated news on the weather.