SweSRII 2024 – Stockholm, 20-21 May 2024


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to SweSRII – The 13th Swedish Congress on Internet Interventions.

The Congress will be held at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, 20-21 May 2024. We have invited researchers from Sweden, Europe as well as all over the world to share their knowledge and experiences on using and developing Internet-based interventions.

There is no conference fee!

The aim of our conference is to contribute to the development and dissemination of the best possible psychological interventions to help people in need. Most congress delegates will be Swedes, but everyone is welcome.

The SWEsrii meetings have a long tradition of a small, focused, warm, non-hierarchical, and friendly atmosphere with lots of opportunities for valuable intellectual exchanges among the delegates.

Welcome to Stockholm,
Per Carlbring

Registration & Agenda

The registration will open soon.

The main conference program will cover two half days; from lunchtime to lunchtime, allowing people to travel comfortably. However, please note that a meet-and-greet specifically intended for doctoral students will also take place in the morning of the first day.

First day – Registration at noon, followed by talks, including coffee breaks and a poster session. Afterwards there will be a group photo taken, followed by a poster session, mingle, and a dinner next to the congress venue. The dinner is paid at your own expense.

Second day – Talks until lunch, including pause and coffee break.


To reach Stockholm

You can reach Stockholm by flying to Arlanda airport and then take a bus, commuter train, or regular train to the city center (takes approximately 30 minutes). If you travel by train from other destinations in Sweden you can find a train schedule and purchase your train ticket on sj.se.

The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is located at the new Albano Campus. Address is: Albanovägen 12. The easiest is to navigate to "Pressbyrån". See this map:

Accommodation, Dinner, Weather

Stockholm offers a variety of nice accommodations.

All participants are invited to a dinner on the first evening. More information about the location will be provided soon.

Weather in Stockholm

The weather in May is usually fair, 13°C to 18°C and sunny, and a perfect time to visit the city.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What language will the conference be in?
A: The conference will be conducted in English.

Q: Can you write letters of invitation so that I can get a visa?
A: No, we are unable to provide letters of invitation for visa purposes. As this is a fee-free conference, we do not have an administrative staff capable of facilitating these requests.

Q: Can I get a proof of participation?
A: Unfortunately, we do not provide proof of participation documents. This is due to the lack of administrative staff since our conference is free of charge.

Q: If the conference is free, then why do I need to pay for the dinner?
A: The dinner event is an optional, self-funded component of the conference. This means participants need to pay for it independently. This policy was established to prevent financial burdens on our part, as we had instances in the past where participants signed up for the dinner but did not show up, leaving us with the costs. Therefore, to avoid such situations, we have set the dinner at "självkostnadspris", which means you pay exactly for what you are consuming. Please note that you cannot get your money back once you've paid for the dinner, but you are free to give your dinner ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend.