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About us

The European Society for Research on Internet Interventions (esrii) is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the scientific approach to studying eHealth interventions.

esrii is a group of researchers, clinicians and policy experts whose mission is to foster excellence in evidence-based eHealth interventions targeting behavioral and mental health.

eHealth interventions comprise existing and emerging technologies, including the Internet, mobile devices, digital gaming, virtual reality, remote sensing and robotics.


  • Process-based and Problem-focused internet interventions meeting will take place in Linköping in November 2022. Read more at
  • SweSRII – The 12th Swedish Congress on Internet Interventions will take place in Uppsala in May 2023. Read more at
  • The new official esrii journal “Internet Interventions” has been launched by Elsevier.
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esrii Journal

Take a peek below at our official journal Internet Interventions or read more about the journal here.